Living Inside God’s Story or Your Life is Not About You

This coming Sunday I am starting an Adult Sunday School class on the story of the Bible.  Yes, you read that correctly–an adult class on the story of the Bible.  I didn’t say stories, rather the one story of the Bible that all the other stories fit into (some better than others!).  Usually we view the Bible as a depository of doctrines with some nice (and sometimes not so nice) stories mixed in.  We even view the stories as doctrines cloaked in narrative.  When we do think about the Bible as whole, we often think of it as one random event after another.  Kind of like this:

We need to learn how to see the Bible as the true, grand narrative that tells the story of the way the world was, is, and will and should be.

Learning to consider our lives as a part of this narrative is tricky.  This would mean that my life is not simply about me and what I want to do in my life.  Instead, our lives are governed by the much broader view of the entire scope of God’s purposes in history.  Viewing the Bible this way will revolutionize how we define the gospel, the purpose of our lives, and the values and the story they communicate.

I won’t say more because this is just a teaser for the first class session.  If you are a Foothillsian, make sure to attend this 12-week class and come ready to see the Bible and your life in a whole new way.  For those of you who read this and are not in Albuquerque, a very good intro to viewing the Bible in this way is The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story.

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One Response to Living Inside God’s Story or Your Life is Not About You

  1. Travis says:

    Hey Andrew are you going to post audio or notes from your series on the biblical narrative?

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