My Long-Awaited Return to Blogging: Movies for the Kingdom of God

Due to the overwhelming response to my unannounced, four month hiatus from blogging……I have decided to return to this noblest of all practices for those impressed by their own knowledge, wit, or writing ability.

In all seriousness, I will be posting again from time to time on things I deem interesting or important.

Today I’ll just mention two movies that are worth seeing if you you are the move watching type and have a heart.  The first is “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” which captures a period in the life of St. Francis of Assisi as he leaves the home and business of his wealthy parents for a life of poverty and charity.  The movie was made in 1972 and it has the requisite hippie themes that fit so well with the life of St. Francis: walking through flowers, talking to birds, always talking about love and peace.  From what I know about Francis from other sources, the movie captures the heart of his life and message: becoming an outcast of society and living in poverty with his committed brothers to minister to the poor and outcasts, rebuilding neglected churches, appreciating the beauty of God’s creation, and witnessing to the strength of God even in weakness and poverty.  I highly recommend this film provided you can get past the feel of the seventies in the music and style.  WARNING:  There is a scene of male rear nudity when Francis (literally) divests himself of his father’s belongings.  Even if the beauty of the male form makes you squeamish, I hope you can make it through this scene because it is one of the best scenes in the whole movie as it is a conversion experience for Francis.

The second movie I want to recommend shares a lot in the values of St. Francis, but portrays the life of a different saint: Vincent de Paul.  The title of the movie is “Monsieur Vincent,” made in France in 1947.  It follows Vincent, a Catholic priest, as his heart is broken by the poverty of the 16th-century French peasants to whom he ministers.  His life is soon overtaken by his love for God and neighbor as he devotes his whole existence to providing for their basic necessities–recruiting the rich to help, and sometimes fighting them when his methods go too far for their sensibilities.  Even if you don’t usually watch subtitled movies, you should see this one.

Both of these movies are very inspiring and powerfully portray the values of the kingdom of God.  If you are Netflix people, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” can be watched online, and you can get the DVD of”Monsieur Vincent”  by mail. Enjoy!

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