Mammon: The Acceptable Idol in Western Christianity

One of the key elements of developing a distinctively Christian lifestyle is analyzing what values and behaviors we take for granted in the culture around us.  Most of the time we adopt the values and follow in the behaviors without much critical thought.  One of the defining behaviors in the western world is consumerism, and most Christians have bought it hook, line, and sinker.  I know that it is my default setting.  And if you’re honest, it is probably yours as well.

I came across a sermon by a prominent evangelical pastor in Minnesota who is leading his church through thinking about a truly kingdom perspective on money and economics.  You can watch the first sermon in the series here.  I think he highlights some of the main points I would want to make about the Christian’s use of money and he does so in an honest and engaging way.  One of the major points is that the use of money is a moral and spiritual issue, as moral as sexuality or anything else we are fond of giving prominence to in our discussions of the Christian life.  In addition, Jesus presents Mammon as a power or principality that rivals God for allegiance.  Take a look at the sermon and let me know what you think in the comments.  You may also find helpful the .pdfs the church has produced to go along with the sermon series called “What I Spend” and “Ways to Cut Spending.”

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